About our charity

Helping Hanna’s Community (formerly Hanna’s Orphanage) is a small charity set up to help vulnerable children of Ethiopia by supporting the maintenance and expansion of Hanna Orphans Home. We fundraise in the UK for the orphanage, and provide them with what they need.

Helping Hanna’s Community was founded on two main principles:

  • We will always be able to tell you what your money has been spent on. Whatever amount you have donated, we will be able to tell you what they has been spent on and when it was sent to the orphanage.  Just ask.
  • We will respond to what the orphanage needs. We believe that the orphanage know what is best for them, and so this means that we sometimes refuse donations of clothes or resources because the orphanage does not need them.

For more details on the mission and ethos of the charity, please see the mission statement.

The charity is run entirely by volunteers and we have very few overheads, so 99% of your donations can go straight to the orphanage.

Please contact us at hannascommunity@outlook.com if you want to get involved or think you can help in any way!