What we’ve done so far

Here are some of the things your money has enabled Helping Hanna’s Community to do:

Over £100,000 has been given to the orphanage to go towards day to day running and life changing amenities. We have been able to fund the purchase of school uniforms and paid school and university fees.

We’ve provided new chairs and tables for the main compound and library. This means more children can study without being squashed onto little benches! Since 2010 we have provided volunteers to teach classes at the summer school.

The children have been given story books, teaching resources and wall charts to help them with their studies.

We’ve donated text books and children’s books to the library. This is used by the children in the orphanage and the local community. We’ve bought pens, paper and exercise books for the children to use at school.

We have paid for a new combination colour printer, photocopier and scanner for the orphanage to print brochures encouraging people to donate and creating photocopy worksheets for lessons, and to scan photos and documents onto the computer.

Helping Hanna’s Community has provided many toys and games, including footballs, skipping ropes, table tennis sets and cricket sets.

We’ve bought beds, so that every child at the orphanage has a bed of their own.

Our fundraising has also enabled the orphanage to buy a car. This has lots of benefits:  it means that Hanna and the other staff members can travel between the orphanage houses without having to rely on long and cramped bus journeys; they can buy food in bulk, thus making it cheaper; they can travel when they need to, rather than having to stick to the public transport times.

What still needs to be done, and what we would like your support to do:
In 2013 the Orphanage unfortunately lost the land they were renting as the landlord increased the rent to an unaffordable amount. This meant that the classrooms, play area, offices, resource rooms and library all had to be dismantled and the search for new residence began. Thankfully Hanna’s team found suitable land relatively far away from the original site, but it meant that they could start again, and hopefully have somewhere more permanent.

The generosity of our donors has also secured the rent on several houses, providing much needed shelter and security for the children.

This site is now the orphanage base. The children come here after school and in the summer, for lessons, to use the library, facilities and the the playground. Here, they have a safe space to play and learn together.

But the work continues… Work on the land is a constant task. In order to fulfill their agreement with the government the orphanage must carry out building work on the land, and therefore financial support is needed to assist the orphanage with this goal. With your continued support the children will continue to have their community back together again and have a sense of security and stability.

For more details of where your money has been spent, please email hannascommunity@outlook.com.  We aim to always be able to tell you where your money has gone!