Our mission statement

We will provide support to Hanna Orphans Home by sending clothes, books, money, toys and anything else Hanna Teshome or those involved with the orphanage state that they need. To do this, we will take financial donations from interested parties and engage in fundraising events; this money will be used to directly benefit the orphanage.

The materials will be used to improve the living conditions of the children in the orphanage by improving the resources they have access to, and the physical conditions in which they live. We will also work to further the links between people in England and the children in the orphanage, hopefully increasing the young people’s knowledge of other cultures. We will also aim to show them that people care about them and that they are worthy of interest and attention.

Building resources

We will work towards creating new premises for Hanna Orphans Home and expanding the range of resources available to the young people there; for example, access to play therapy and dance workshops. We will always base our decisions and actions on what the young people want and need, and act in their best interests.

Our first priority will always be the young people in the orphanage, but following the ideals of Hanna Teshome, we believe that the orphanage is – and should remain – part of the surrounding community. Based on this, we will work with Hanna Teshome to provide resources and services to the surrounding neighbourhoods; for instance, use of the library, study, safe play areas and any classes or workshops. We also intend that as the orphanage expands, we will encourage – and endeavour to provide funds for – the employment of people from Ethiopia to work in all aspects of the orphanage.

We believe that the people who are within the orphanage, the neighbourhood and the community as a whole are the ones who know best what they need, and so we will listen to them. Any help, support and aid will be defined and specified by them, and we will direct our work to properly serve them.